Wednesday, 16 August 2017


Happy hump day peeps!  So once again its time to show our desks in response to the queen of desks, the lovely Julia (link over on the right).

For the first time in many, many months I have new stash to show!

The other week I stumbled across a craft shop closing down (sadly, but I believe the owner is now going to run craft classes so not too bad) and they had some resin kits in red and green.  I have used resin before but not this brand, but as its such a big name I knew it was pukka stuff so took the gamble.  Also they were only £1 each!! I know, they are usually over a tenner each-so I really couldn't pass this by.  It is worth the gamble if they don't mix well or maybe have been open a bit too long.  I am looking forward to having a play.

As to my "Man Bites Dog" cards....well I really wish I video's myself choosing these because they really were randomly chosen AND they came out in that order!!!  The 6th card I chose (I usually choose 6 then use 3-5 to make a phrase) was actually "1st Lady" - you really cannot make this stuff up!!!!

Happy crafting (and I am SO keeping an eye on this weeks news!)


Saturday, 12 August 2017

Art Abandonment at Upfest

 Following on from my Upfest post I thought I would share the Art Abandonment's I placed around the festival.

Art Abandonment is a global group of artists (search Facebook/groups/artabandonment) and we leave pieces across the globe for people to find, leave or pass on.

This is one of the canvas boards I made a couple of weeks ago ready to leave at the festival.  My husband found some stencil art left by 'Dave The Agent' (I found a piece of his a couple of years ago!) so I left this in its place, it seemed fitting.

This is the piece my husband found abandoned, lovely find instead of just abandoning.

My final piece was one of the cardboard pieces I made painting a Studio Ghibli inspired Totorro and Soot Sprites-I am a huge fan of Ghibli and always manage to find inspiration in their work.

I have also abandoned some rock art around Sidmouth during the folk festival and my husband took some for me to Blackpool to the Rebellion punk festival.  I hope to be able to blog about those soon.

Happy crafting

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Upfest 2017

 Hello peeps.  The other weekend I went to Upfest, Europe's largest free street art festival. 

It is SO inspiring and I took over 200 photos!  If you follow me on Instagram or FB then you have already seen these but if you don't then grab a cuppa and skim though a few photos.

One of the main differences this year was how many women were taking part.  Over the years I have noticed this increasing but this year there was a marked difference.  It is great to see the younger generations getting into creating art, many with brushes as well as spray and stencils.

This tapestry is on metal wire mesh attached to a door!

Gemma Compton's work was amazing as always.

There are so many difference styles and subject matter on show

But some of them are HUGE, several stories high!

 There were a lot of faces at this years festival being painted in different mediums and different sizes.  The details were amazing though.

So that is another 3 days of Upfest finished.  If you are ever down in Bristol then I recommend popping over to the Bedminster area to check out the art.  Whilst the temporary hoardings are only up for the festival the art painted on the walls are often there until the next festival and some even longer.

I struggle to paint faces on a sketch book so I am in awe when you see these faces 15 odd feet across!  That is real skill and talent!